On a ten metre sailboat

The first complete tour of Amazonia in the history of boating

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BALZAC Award for the best maritime adventure story

« An inexpensive book that is worth its weight in gold… »
Jean-Claude Charazin (M.R.B.)

"...A very deep book, moving and fascinating... The kind of book we would like to come across more often..."
Michel Balieu (Yachting Sud)

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From the Orinoco to the Amazon

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« A fascinating book… »
Catherine Delattre (Ici Paris)

Taking advantage of a five-year sabbatical, Jean-François Diné and his wife Claudette, accompanied by their dog Michka, set our for the craziest journey one could possibly imagine: to link two of the largest rivers of Amazonia, the Orinoco and the Amazon.

Leaving France with basically no sailing experience and a total budget of £6500, the couple heads to Africa before leaving for South America. It is there, while looking at a large-scuale map, that they become intrigued by a very thin blue line between the Orinoco and the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon. The seed has been planted. They will embark on what was considered, until then, an impossible adventure: To link up the Orinoco to the Amazon on a sailboat, thus realizing what would be the first complete tour of Amazonia in the history of boating.

It’s all there: rapids and waterfalls; an overland crossing in the middle of the forest so as to get beyond an otherwise insurmountable obstacle; the crossing of immense territories normally forbidden to tourists; life among the Yanomami Indians; navigation in the endless labyrinth of sand and rocks that is the Rio Negro… Welcome to a travel story of surprising richness and intensity, written in a warm and charming style.

The true value of things, the most precise dimension of this truth of life, it is to be found here, at the core of life, where the natural rules begotten by creation have not yet been falsified by the artificial values created by « civilised » man.
- From the Orinoco to the Amazon-

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“A surprising book, Jean-François Diné tells his amazing voyage in such an unaffected manner that the reader ends up thinking : ‘And what if adventure was within anyone’s reach ?’”
Jean Lopez (Science-Vie Junior)

« The proof that the spirit of adventure can prevail, bay far, over reason… Those pages are touching with simplicity and modesty…” François Chesnau (Voyager Magazine)

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